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Top Tips For Having Your Commercial Building's Exterior Painted

If you own a commercial building, it only makes sense that you would want to make the space look on the outside. Well-maintained businesses tend to attract more business. Plus, a well-maintained exterior tends to last longer and requires less maintenance over the years. One of the most important ways you can maintain your exterior is by having it painted. Here are some top tips to keep in mind if you choose this approach.

Choose a color that reflects your business. 

When choosing a paint color, you don't just want to think about what looks nicest on your building. You want to consider what represents your business the best. For instance, if you operate a flower shop, you probably don't want to paint your building a dreary gray. A fresh, bright color like pale yellow or pale blue would be so much more representative of your services and goods. On the other hand, if you run a contracting business, you may want a gray building. People might give you some sideways looks if they pull in and see a purple and green contracting office!

Go for the most durable, long-lasting paint you can afford.

Having a commercial building painted is a big endeavor. It's not something you want to have to do more often than necessary. It may involve having to close for a few days or asking guests to come in a different door for a week. So, it's a good idea to have the place painted with the highest-end, most durable paint you can afford. If your contractor has three levels of paint at three different price points, choose the best (and often most expensive) option. While you'll pay more for the paint upfront, you will save money in the long run because the paint will last longer.

Hire real, commercial painters.

This is not a DIY job or a job for a handyman who is just starting out. You want to hire true, professional painters to paint your commercial building. Make sure they have experience with commercial structures, too. Professionals know what paint to use, what materials to use, and how to properly prepare various surfaces to accept paint. You'll get better results and probably a better warranty.

With the tips above, you can get better results when having a commercial exterior building painted. If you have any questions, ask the commercial painters who you're thinking of hiring.