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Reasons To Select Vinyl Siding

The siding you choose for your home not only makes a major impact on its aesthetic value, but it is an investment that can affect durability and costs for decades to come. Vinyl siding is a popular option for many homeowners because it has several clear advantages.


Vinyl siding tends to be the most versatile siding in terms of aesthetics. Not only can you find almost any color or color combination you want, but you can also select different finishes. If your goals are basic, you can opt for a typical white or similarly light-colored siding. Homeowners who want to make more of a statement with their home can go bolder with color. Dark, rich colors like reds or browns can add warmth to your home. A bolder option for homeowners can be using color contrast to make a statement. Complementary colors are a common option when you want to make a statement. The use of complementary colors means each color shines. A monochromatic look can be equally eye-catching. Using a mid-tone blue with a deeper blue trim can offer a good combination of uniqueness without standing out too much. Vinyl can also mimic the look of wood without the costs or maintenance.


One reason vinyl tends to be a popular siding option is because of its durability. Although there are many factors that will affect longevity, you can generally expect your siding to last for decades before it needs to be updated. Since vinyl can withstand various weather conditions, it tends to be useful in almost any region except for extremely cold climates. Damage to the vinyl from high winds may be less noticeable than with other materials. Vinyl is water-resistant, which reduces concerns regarding the material rotting, growing mold, or being attractive to insects. There are several thicknesses of vinyl which also affects its durability. Thicker vinyl is more weather-resistant, which makes it longer lasting and should reduce the chances of damage.


The costs associated with vinyl siding are another advantage of choosing this material over other options. Upfront costs associated with materials and installation are the initial lure, but there are other ways vinyl is less expensive over time. Vinyl requires little maintenance, which generally involves occasional power washing of your siding. You might want to give your vinyl a fresh coat of paint periodically as well. Energy efficiency factors into the long-term costs associated with vinyl. Higher-end vinyl can help maintain the temperature inside your home throughout the year. This means your HVAC system doesn't need to work as hard to maintain a consistent temperature.

With many siding materials, it can be difficult to reach a decision on which option is best for your home. Before you make a choice, consider the advantages of vinyl siding before making the investment. Reach out to a company like GLC Home Improvement to learn more.