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4 Reasons It Is Always Best To Leave Drain Cleaning Tasks To Plumbing Contractors

Choking your drains with hot water and vinegar or drain chemicals might provide temporary relief. Unfortunately, the relief can be short-term if you don't involve specialists. It is normal to find quick home remedies to save a dime. However, you'll need to call trained drain cleaners if you want effective and lasting solutions. Here are more reasons it is smart to leave drain cleaning to plumbing contractors.

1. Avoid Pipe Damage

Some home remedies can clear minor clogs but at a cost. For instance, pouring hot water down the drains might break down some of the clogs. But the PVC pipes are often not designed to withstand the impact of boiling water or drain chemicals. So you might clear some clogs but incur pipe repair and relining expenses.

Plumbing contractors use more conservative methods like hydro-jetting that do not damage the pipe's inner walls. As a result, you will effectively eliminate the stubborn clogs without incurring further repair costs.

2. Inspections Before Services

Like many plumbing services, there's no one solution for all clog problems. Instead, plumbers will investigate to know what's blocking your drains before choosing a removing and cleaning method. For example, your kitchen drain clogs can be caused by accumulated grease and food debris, while your shower drains may have hair blocking the passages.

Your plumber may use a snaking tool to remove trapped hair and hydro jetting to clear the food debris. Drain inspections using cameras allow plumbers to inspect the nature of the clog first before selecting an ideal unclogging method.

3. Discover the True Cause of the Clog

Slow drainage, unpleasant odors, and water pools don't automatically indicate that your drains are clogged. Without a trained eye, knowledge, and equipment, you might be wasting time pouring gallons of hot water into your drains. These signs are often similar to other plumbing issues like sewer line blockages or overflowing septic tanks. Consider involving a plumbing contractor to inspect your water lines before seeking drain cleaning services.

4. Prevent Water Damage

After damaging pipes using destructive DIY drain cleaning methods, your plumbing systems might leak. If left undiscovered and untreated for an extended period, your system might experience water damage. Restoring your home after severe water damage will be costlier than hiring a professional for drain cleaning in the first place. Therefore, seek drain cleaning services to remove the blockage without leaving cracks behind. Furthermore, the expert will inspect the condition of the pipes to ensure they are good to go until the next cleaning schedule.

Drain cleaning is not as hard as many homeowners think. However, it is best to leave the task to professionals who offer quality services. So before boiling water or using drain cleaning chemicals, consider booking an appointment with a professional plumbing contractor.