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Three Benefits Plastic Docks Have Over Wooden Docks

Wooden docks are classic. They have been around forever, and represent some of the spirit of marine explorers and the homes these explorers returned to and where they tied off their boats while docking. However, wooden docks require a lot of maintenance. That is why plastic docks have been invented. Here are three benefits plastic docks have over wooden docks.

You Can Pressure Wash Plastic Docks

It seems silly that you would want to clean something that is already in the water. Yet, docks collect dirt, sand and silt, which can get stuck in the fibrous panels of wooden docks. You cannot easily clean a wooden dock as it floats and bobs in the water, but you can pressure wash a plastic dock wherever you have the dock; in the water or on land. You would never be able to pressure wash a wooden dock without blasting small splinters out of it.

You Will Never Get Splinters in Your Hands or Feet

Because wooden docks are wood that are constantly wet, they tend to splinter easily. When you walk on these docks or hang onto them while you are in the water, these splinters come loose and stick in your flesh. If you have a plastic dock, you will never get splinters in your hands or feet ever again.

You Can Get Plastic Docks That Look Like Wood

Plastics have come a long way from when they were first invented. As such, you can make plastic look like just about anything. Plastic docks can look a lot like real wood, including wood grain, color, and tones to depict the varying colors of wood panels. If you are not ready to give up the wood look of wooden docks, but you desperately want an easier, maintenance-free, pain-free plastic dock, you do not have to settle for one over the other. Just buy a plastic dock that looks so very much like wood that no one can tell the difference unless they lean in close or touch it.

Buy Your Plastic Dock from Marine Supply Stores

Once you have decided to purchase a plastic dock, you will find them in marine supply stores. Sometimes you can just buy the kits and put the dock together yourself. Otherwise, you can buy a much larger, plastic dock kit, and the store will send some assembly specialists to put the dock together for you right on the bank of your property.