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Install A New Cooling System And Stop Struggling To Keep Cool With Fans

If you've been struggling through the summers with fans or a window air conditioner, it could be time to get a central cooling system installed. Maybe there's a new baby in the family or maybe an elderly parent is moving in with you. Some people need air conditioning for comfort and health reasons, so an AC is usually a good investment and it will make your home more appealing when you sell it. Here are some things to know about getting a new cooling system.

Get Advice From An AC Professional

While you can use the internet to research different brands of air conditioners, you'll want a professional AC technician to evaluate your home and suggest the proper size. Getting the right size is important so your air conditioner cycles on and off properly. That helps your home stay at the right temperature and makes your AC run more efficiently. It may seem like it's better to buy a larger AC than you need so you stay extra-cool, but a large AC will cycle on and off more than it needs to since it reaches the thermostat setting quicker, and that can shorten the life of your new cooling system.

You May Not Need Ducts

A traditional central air conditioning system uses ducts to distribute cool air throughout your house. If your furnace ducts aren't suitable or if you don't have furnace ducts, then you need to install new ducts which adds to the cost of the cooling system installation. Talk to the technician about a ductless system if you think it might be right for your home. Instead of ducts, the outdoor unit connects directly through the wall to a blower that's mounted on the inside.

Allow A Full Day For The Installation

A cooling system has many parts and requires electrical connections, filling refrigerant, setting up an outside unit, installing an air handler indoors, putting in ducts, and hooking up a thermostat. You'll probably want to allow a full day to complete the work and possibly even longer. You should be home since the technician needs to work inside your house as well as outside.

While cooling installations go fairly fast, keep in mind that you'll need to get a permit from your codes office and have an inspection after the unit is installed, and this can add to the time you have to wait before you can start using the AC and enjoying cool air in your home. For more information, contact cooling installation services.