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Four Elements To Consider When Building An Indoor Toddler Playground

An indoor playground is an ideal option for daycare centers and nursery schools looking to give toddlers a way to play when the weather outside is less than perfect. Coming up with the right elements for your toddler playground can help keep little ones both safe and entertained. Here are some of those essential elements to consider when creating a play for your indoor toddler playground.

Soft Flooring

One essential for keeping toddlers safe on the playground equipment is to use soft flooring. This might mean installing rubber tile flooring or adding foam tiles to the area. Either option comes in a variety of colors, so you can keep the play area bright and inviting. Permanently installed flooring provides a handy solution if you are installing larger pieces of playground equipment. However, if you are using smaller, mobile play items, consider DIY foam tiles. These tiles can be disassembled quickly so you can use the space for different purposes.

Ball Crawls

Ball crawls provide a fun and entertaining way to spend indoor recess. Be sure that the ball pit you choose is the right depth for the toddlers who will be using it. A good rule of thumb is that toddlers should still be able to keep their heads above the ball level even when crawling. Choose a padded ball pit for this area to help prevent injuries and make it a safe play space.

Tubes, Steps, And Slides

One of the goals for your indoor play area is to keep kids moving and exploring. You can find pre-designed playground setups that combine steps, tubes, and slides for countless hours of play. These systems are typically designed using vertical space, so each level has a different challenge. However, for toddlers, they can be laid out side-by-side instead of stacked for safety. Be sure that any design you select is still large enough for an adult to fit inside just in case you need to rescue a scared little one from the play area.

Soft Modular Play

While slides and ball crawls can be great for indoor play, soft modular play items can also make a great addition to your playground. Large padded blocks in different shapes give toddlers the chance to build their own play area, bringing even more fun to indoor recess. Choose a variety of shapes, including rectangles, triangles, and columns, to challenge the children to create unique structures. Once they are complete, the structures can be used for climbing and pretend play.

Be sure to discuss the different options with parents to see which features they would like to see incorporated for their children. Their input can help guide you in the design process for your indoor toddler playground. Also, talk with companies like World Play Solutions to learn more about your playground options.