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Learn How To Have A Grand Piano Placed On The Second Story Of Your Home

When you have a grand piano that you need to move into the second story of a home, it can be hard to know how to get it up the stairs. The grand piano typically will not fit so many people find that they have to take the piano in the home through a balcony door off of the second story of their house. If you have a grand piano you want to have in your bedroom or in a guest room on the second story of your home, use the following guide to ensure that it can be done as smoothly as possible:

Hire a Crane Company to Lift the Piano

In order to get the piano up to the second story, you will need to hire a crane company to lift it for you. You need to let them know how much the piano weighs and when you want to move it so that they can schedule the crane for the right time. You need to let a professional operate the crane to ensure that the piano doesn't slam into the side of the house when it is lifted.

Protect the Piano During the Moving Process

When you plan to move a piano, it is best to do everything that you can to protect it. Many people choose to wrap the piano in thick moving cloths or blankets so that the straps that are wrapped around it when it needs to be lifted do not scratch or dent the exterior of the piano. It is best to secure the blankets to ensure that they do not come off once the piano is in the air.

Get Everyone Out of the Way

When you have a heavy item being lifted into the air, accidents can happen and it is best to do everything that you can to ensure that everyone is as safe as they can be during the piano moving process. Have everyone clear away from the side of your home where the piano will be lifted. Have people inside your home waiting to grab the piano and pull it into your home once it reaches the appropriate height so that it is not hanging for any longer than absolutely necessary. Do not have too many people around when the piano is being moved because some of the people will surely be in the way, rather than being helpful.

Moving a piano is not difficult to do once you have the right people to help you. You need to be sure to choose to make the move on a day when no rain is expected so that your piano does not get wet. Contact a company like Radius Projects for more information and assistance.