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6 Tips For Choosing A Sink For Your Kitchen Remodel

You may spend a lot of time choosing cabinetry and countertops for your kitchen remodel. However, you shouldn't leave your kitchen sink as an afterthought. The sink is the foundation of your kitchen tasks. Choose a sink style and installation method that best complements your kitchen style and facilitates your tasks.

Have the Sink Mounted Under the Countertop

The most common sink installation method is dropping the basin in and leaving a rim sitting on the countertop. The raised rim can catch debris, though. As an alternative, consider having your sink mounted under the countertop. The countertop material forms the top edge of the sink, which facilitates cleanup.

Opt for a Two-Basin Sink

If you have the space, consider having a two-basin sink dropped into your countertop. The two basins facilitate multi-tasking so you can prepare food and clean up at the same time. This choice is ideal if you only have the one sink in the kitchen.

Consider an Apron-Front Sink

A stylish choice for your kitchen is an apron-front sink, which features an exposed front that sits between cabinets. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, this sink style brings charm and appeal to your décor. Traditional fireclay and cast iron sinks work well with farmhouse and historic kitchens, while stainless steel sinks complement modern décor. As a bonus, apron-front sinks feature a wider and deeper basin than traditional styles.

Try a Solid-Surfacing Sink

Stainless steel continues to be the most common — and budget-friendly — sink material choice. However, if you want to upgrade a little, consider a solid-surfacing sink. This consists of an acrylic or polyester base with a stone-line appearance. Solid-surfacing sinks are very durable and easy to care for.

Choose a Rear-Positioned Drain

As the name suggests, a rear-positioned drain features the drain at the back of the bowl. The main advantage of this is that it allows for more usable basin space. As an added bonus, you also have more under-counter storage space. Such a drain position is possible with any style and material of sink.

Add Accessories

As part of your sink installation, you can add built-in accessories that greatly facilitate food preparation. A common addition is a sliding cutting board. Another popular option is a drain basket. You can even have a sliding colander added to the sink installation. Consider which tasks you perform most at the sink, and choose the accessory that best facilitates them.

Design a sink area that's both stylish and highly functional. Contact a company like Alleva Construction, Inc for additional advice.